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This is kept to serve as an archive mainly for development but also can be accessed by users for ease of access

October 10th 2022 Entry;

Covid-19 Page Modifications;

-Modified COVID-19 page to properly reflect current company policy

-Modified COVID-19 page to omit bottom section "going forward" to improve clarity

Website Terms and Conditions page "BWST" modifications;

-added decorative elements to BWST for clarity of information (terms were not modified)

February 21st 2022 Entry;

Covid-19 Page Modifications;

-Modified COVID-19 page to include direct link to CDC website for COVID-19 information

-Modified COVID-19 page to rephrase/change wording of policy and omit some phrases

-Modified COVID-19 page structurally to resize and re-center elements to account for text changes

Main (home page)

-Removed building logo and replaced with word-only logo

-added elements to menu to make it more clear where the menu outlines are and what is included in it

-added an element to the words "main menu" to serve as a background which helps distinguish it as the start of the menu options

-resized elements to fit new changes

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