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Form Submission Help/Info

Curious? Not a problem.

RTSI Security

We use reCAPTCHA on every form/submission. This is to prevent bot activity on our site/forms.
We require at least one field of contact/info on every form (such as requiring an email)
We do this for two reasons:
  • To prevent unwanted submissions (spam)
  • To have a record of who is completing forms in the instance that we need to contact the sender and to know who the information is coming from

Client/Customer Security

Our security measures are in place to protect RTSI/RT SALES, their respective employees, along with our clients.
By adhering to our security policy, you as a client end up better protected. Through security of information, we protect not only your privacy in activity but also your information.

Accessing RTSI employee information

We are extremely zealous about protecting employee information. We do not take cyber security for granted.
To ensure the safety of our employees and their information, we require additional verification.
As you may see on the "FIRM" page, we require a bot-resistant submission to access this data.
We require that any viewers of this page agree to our Employee Security of Information Terms (ESIT)
To view these ESIT terms, press the button below.
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