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Website Map

Website/Interface Layout

Menu Map/Layout

Deal Registration
 -Main Deal Registration Page
-More Options Page

Partner Companies
 -Main Partner Companies Page

 -Main Services Page

 -Main Home Page

 -Main Firm Page (bot screen)
-Our Team

Contact Us
 -Main Contact Us Page

Customer/Manufacturer Help
 -Main Customer &  Manufacturer Help Center Page
      -Deal Registration Help
      -Data Submission Tool
      -Form Help/Info
      -Disability Help
      -Website Navigation Help
      -COVID-19 Info Page
      -Feedback Page

Map Key

Main Menu / Master Pages 
Sections are shown in Black / Black

Each section color will be named along with a square color example next to the item.
The Map Key-Words will remain black with a second, color coordinated, variation of each color-word for color-blind/vision

impaired accessibility

Main (Head) Pages are shown in White  /  White
Sub-Pages Pages are shown in Orange / Orange
Color Example
For white, there will be a black back ground applied behind color-coordinated items.
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